Open Ended and Endless PU Timing Belts

Linear Timing Belts are produced as open-end or endless material and are used both as linear solutions, e.g. for positioning systems or elevators, and as endless belts of high-quality finish. Consisting of thermoplastic polyurethane (92° Shore A) and high-quality steel tensile cords,

Our Preferred Brand ATLATOS® Linear Timing Belts offer not only high wear resistance, but also excellent running characteristics even at high loads.

The special ATLATOS® extrusion method embeds steel tensile cords more thoroughly than conventional production methods, while a special cord tension control process guarantees optimal tracking.

ATLATOS® Linear Timing Belts are available both with and without polyamide fabric coating on the tooth or back side of the belt. For special applications, steel tensile cords can be replaced by Kevlar tensile cords.