Power Transmission Chain

Evoke Supplies Ltd has access to extensive stocks from a range of manufacturers Worldwide. So no matter the brand you require, rest assured Evoke Supplies Ltd can Supply to your requirements.

As we know a Power Transmission chain is at the heart of many of the most vital pieces of equipment in your factory and our customers care and maintenance package can broadly be put into one of two camps:

Do you have a regular replacement programme?

Change chains before they fail?

Carry out minimal lubrication and ongoing care?

3 Yes's? An Economy Chain is likely to be the best fit for you. Economy Chains may not last as long as their Premium rivals but your regular replacment programme will avoid failures on your equipment

Do you only change chains when the fail?

Carry out regular lubrication, to prolong life?

Prefer greater running time and less planned downtime?

Yes, Yes and Yes? Then you certainly fit the Premium Chain category, your hard work caring for your equipment will be rewarded when you start with a premium product. Coupling this with you requirment for maximum running time means that the upfront cost of the chain is less of a concern when compared to your costs of downtime.


Talk to your local branch, who will be happy to offer you a brand to meet with your requirements.