Live Roller Drives

Live roller conveyors are used throughout distribution centers, warehouses, and packaging/shipping departments for efficient transport of packages and goods.

The belt is a critical component of the conveyor but may not even be seen. the belt is supported by pressure rollers, which force it up against the carrying rollers, causing them to rotate and move products along the conveyor.

Live roller conveyor systems can be segregated into three types of systems:

1) Continuous running (CR)

2) Low pressure accumulation (LP)

3) Zero pressure accumulation (ZP)

Zero pressure systems can handle the widest range of products. They are very gentle on products being transported because the belt is removed from the

carrying rollers after products accumulate to fill up the designated zone.

We also specialize in providing high quality round belts or “O-Rings” for line shaft live roller conveyors. No matter which system(s) you depend on in your facility our live roller specialists can provide a solution to: reduce noise, increase throughput, reduce downtime, or reduce marking of packages.